Strategy and Vision


We will become a company specializing in implant manufacturing that provides the best satisfaction to implant practitioners and patients.

Management Philosophy

We contribute to the healthy and happy life of all mankind by concentrating our capabilities and added values on the promotion of dental health.

Vision of Management

A top-notch company specializing in implants that creates values through global competitiveness and innovation

Management Goals

To become global top 10 by 2030

Our Mission

Dental implant specialist
that provides the best satisfaction

We will grow to become a top-notch implant company specializing in developing the dream of advanced technology of implant through the spirit of challenge and constant investment.

Core Value

Dental implant specialist that provides the best satisfaction

Safe and convenient

Biotem is a safe and convenient implant manufactured with the longest experience and know-how in Korea.

Economical and valuable

Biotem is an economical and valuable implant ststem that minimizes the inconvenience of the user and makes every effort to the smallest part.


Biotem is motivated by win-win relationships with customers.