Autologous Concentratd Growth Factors


Just come back from Los Angels after my hands on course and lecture on Graftless sinus augmentation.

Happy lunar thanksgiving day to all my friends.

This is referal case. My colleague lateral sinus aug but largeperation was arised.
So he stopped the surgery and replaced ROB. And refered to me

When large perforation is develpoed, it is recommended to repair the perforation with collagen memb and do reentry after 3-4M.

However the healing of perforated sinus mucosa is fast, we don’t need to wait for 4m.

When replaceable bony window is used, sinus mucosa and oral mucosa cannot be fused for safe future sinus aug

Or do sinus augmentatio using CGF alone witout interruption or reentry after 4 w as shown on this video, not 4 months

– Dong-Seok Sohn